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Liège Waffles

Sweet, Crispy, Buttery Treasures!

About our Liège Waffles

These waffles originated in the city of Liège, Belgium and are made with a brioche style dough containing specially imported pearl sugar.  They are sensational served "naked" as a snack to go or topped with delicious toppings such as pure organic maple cream, caramelized pecans, fresh fruit or ice cream!

We make our delicious Liège waffles fresh every day in the European tradition.Our twice risen brioche pastry dough is a labor of love made daily with fresh organic ingredients.

The dough is studded with specially imported Belgian sugar that is caramelized when we crush it under 20lbs of pressure in our authentic imported European cast iron press.

The caramelization effect is the secret that gives our waffles the unique flavor, crunch and essence that will flatter, impress, delight and empower you!

Original, tasty & irresistible

Original, tasty & irresistible

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