Original, tasty & irresistible

Original, tasty & irresistible

 8am - 3pm
Saturday & Sunday
8am - 4pm

Hours:Mondays - closed
Tues, Wed, Thurs, Friday

At Crispy Crêpe lunch is delicious, nutritious quick & affordable!

We are comitted to using fresh wholesome ingredients and pride ourselves on serving foods with 0 trans fat content. 

To honor baking traditions & hometown roots, the flour used at Crispy Crêpe is produced by La Meunerie Milanaise in Québec.  La Meunerie produces wholesome organic flours through the nearly lost art of stone-milling.  The process uses pink granite stones from North Carolina, well known for their hardness, which is an essential quality to provide quality milling.

Whether you choose our delicious flatbread which is hand rolled & grilled to order or our dense, wholesome European style ciabbatta or baguettes...  a sandwich at Crispy Crêpe is a delicious and worthwhile experience!